CSS: Upcoming publications

Published 11 April 2022

CSS always strives to turn the creative energy of our events into lasting works of research and knowledge available to both fellow scholars and to the interested public, and 2022 is no exception!

During 2022 and 2023 CSS are planning the following publications:

Nordic architecture and design

A collection of videos from our third symposium on the impact of Nordic Culture around the world – this time on the topic of "Nordic architecture and design". To be recorded on April 19 in Lund and published on our Youtube channel.

This symposium will also be the foundation for a new issue of Rethinking Scandinavia, our digital publication series in Scandinavian studies. To be published in 2023.

Nordic humour in the world

The CSS Conference 2022: Nordic humour in the world (Aug 24-27, Lund) will yield several publications.

Keynote presentations and special events during the conference will be recorded and edited into a collection of videos, to be published on our Youtube channel in the fall of 2022.

Aside from a regular proceedings volume (as part of our digital conference proceedings series), a selection of the presentations will also be targeted for the production of a separate, edited and peer-reviewed, anthology on a topic in line with the conference theme – "Nordic humour in the world" – to be published either by ourselves or by some external established academic outlet. More information about this will follow.

Lastly, the conference will act as the springboard for a book project on "Humour in Nordic poetry", edited by keynote Speaker Daniel Möller and CSS member Anders Mortensen, to be finished by 2024.