Publications from CSS

Upcoming publications!

Read about our plans for publications 2022-2023 here:

CSS produces publications in a variety of formats and media.

  • Rethinking Scandinavia is our international open access web publication series in Scandinavian Studies
  • Every Einar Hansen Lecture is recorded on video and availiable to the public
  • CSS Conference Proceedings is our book serie based on a selection of presentations at our biannual international conference
  • The Acta-Series is a serie of antologies in Scandinavian Studies
  • On our Youtube channel you will find more videos from events we have arranged or have been part of.
  • Some of our work are of course published outside of our own channels, you will find this under External publications.

OBS: Republishing ongoing!

We are currently in the process of republishing the first conference proceedings on a new platform. Will be finished before the end of this year.

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