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With its 31th conference in Groningen, Netherlands 2016, IASS also celebrated its 60th anniversary . Scholars from all over the world have over the past years been brought together, united by their interest in and fascination for Scandinavian literature and culture. 

In 2006 Professor Janet Garton and Professor Elias Bredsdorff put together The History of The International Association of Scandinavian Studies, published by Norvik Press. Unfortunately, the publication was never for sale, but it is now possible to get a copy. Just send IWCSS Administrators an e-mail.

Here follows a survey of all the conferences arranged by IASS, from the very first at the University of Cambridge until present day. 


1958 University of Oslo, Lillehammer

Theme: Experiment and renewal in Nordic literature in the twentieth century

1960 Oosterbeek, Holland 

Theme: Impressionism in Nordic literature 1880-1900

1962 University of Aarhus

Theme: Revaluations

1964 University College London

President: A. H. Smith

 Theme: Literary Influence

1966 University of Uppsala

Theme: Interaction between literature and other arts

1968 University of Paris

President: Maurice Gravier

Theme: Franco-Scandinavian literary relations

1970 University of Bergen, Fana folkehøgskole

President: Harald Noreng

Theme: The modern Nordic novel and literary researach

1972 Christian-Albrechts-Univerität, Kiel

President: Otto Oberholzer

Theme: Modern Nordic Poetry

1974 University of Reykjavík

President: Sveinn Skorri Höskuldsson

Theme: Ideas and ideologies in Scandinavian literature since the First World War

1976 University of Ghent

President: Alex Bolckmans

Theme: Creatio versus Mimesis: problems of realism in modern Nordic literature

1978 University of Helsinki, Hanaholmen

President: Johan Wrede

Theme: Twentieth-century drama in Scandinavia

1980 Ernst-Moriz-Arndt-Universität, Greifswald

President: Horst Bien

Theme: The writing of Nordic literary history

1982 University of Odense

President: Mogens Brøndsted

Theme: The short story genre in Nordic literature from Andersen's tales to the modern novelle

1984 University of Washington, Seattle

President: Birgitta Steene

Theme: Scandinavian literature in a transnational context: reception translation, migration

1986 University of Gothenburg

President: Lars Lönnroth

Theme: The Modern Breakthrough in Nordic literature

1988 University of Zürich

President: Oskar Bandle

Theme: Nordic Romanticism

1990 University of Trondheim

President: Jorunn Hareide

Theme: Modernism in Nordic literature

1992 Eötvös Lorand University, Budapest

President: András Masát

Theme: Literature as resistance and counterculture

1994 University of Reykjavík

President: Helga Kress

Theme: Literature and gender

1996 University of Bonn

President: Heiko Uecker

Theme: Eighteenth-century Nordic literature

1998 University of the Faroes

President: Malan Marnesdóttir

Theme: Nordic literature and mentality

2000 University of East Anglia, Norwich

President: Janet Garton

Theme: Beginnings and endings in Nordic literature

2002 University of Aalborg

President: Anker Gemzøe

Theme: Nordic prose ficiton after 1960

2004 University of Vienna

President: Sven Rossel

Theme: The image of Scandinavia abroad - the image if other nations in Scandinavia

2006 University of Åbo

President: Clas Zilliacus

Theme: Borders in Nordic literature

2008 University of Gdansk

President: Maria Sibinska

Theme: Nordic Drama. Renewal and Transgression

2010 Lund University (link)

President: Per Erik Ljung

Theme: Översättning - adaption, interpretation, transformation

2012 University of Latvia, Riga/University of Daugavpils, Daugavpils

President: Ivars Orehovs

Theme: Literature and Law

2014 University of Agder

President: Unni Langås

Theme: Literature inter artes

2016 University of Groningen

President: Petra Broomans

Theme: Transit - 'Norden' och 'Europa'

2018 University of Copenhagen (link)

President: Torben Jelsbak

Theme: Scandinavian Exceptionalisms

2020 (postponed until 2021) Vilnius University

President: Ieva Steponavičiūtė Aleksiejūnienė

Theme: Memory Culture in Scandinavian Studies

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