Call for signatures: Preserve the study of the Danish language and culture abroad

Published 16 September 2021
Image depicting a figure saying: "Et samfund kan vare så stenet at alt er en eneste blok og indbyggermassen så benet at livet er gået i chok." The text behind the figure says: "Bevar lektoratsordningen"
Illustration by Allan van Hansen/Ursus

The Danish government is moving to terminate the Danish Lecturer Scheme which ensures the distribution of Danish language and culture abroad.

The Danish Lecturer Scheme was founded in 1937 with the purpose of creating dialogue and supporting friendships across lingual and cultural borders. Today, the Scheme costs 8,8 million DKK each year and subsidizes:

… salaries to 26 Danish Lecturers who teach Danish language, literature and society in universities around the world. 

… cultural dissemination by 80 locally employed Danish lecturers. 

… visits abroad by Danish authors. 

… purchase of Danish books for foreign universities. 

… visits abroad by Danish guest lecturers. 


The cost is low, but the gain is high. The education provided by the Danish lecturers to foreign students ensures: 

… continual communication between Danish and foreign businesses. 

… translators of Danish fiction and non-fiction. 

… knowledge of Danish literature, culture and values abroad. 

… cultivation of foreign languages. 

… resistance to national isolation policies. 


The Danish lecturers abroad thank you

… for your signature. With it they can take another step in calling on the politicians to safeguard their work with the more than 2000 foreign students who currently study Danish language and culture abroad. 


Read more and sign the petition here.