Call for Papers: Viking Age Archaeology, Scandia Journal of Medieval Norse Studies 7, 2024

Published 9 January 2024
Call For Papers: Viking Age Archaeology, Scandia Journal of Medieval Norse Studies 7, 2024

The seventh edition of Scandia Journal of Medieval Norse Studies is currently accepting papers on Viking Age Archaeology. Deadline for submitting papers: 30-07-2024

Archaeological studies stand as a paramount domain in the exploration of the Viking Age, shaping a comprehensive understanding of the Viking Age. Since its inception, marked by the pioneering field research and publications by Jens Jacob Asmussen Worsaae in the 19th century, our knowledge regarding Old Scandinavian society, its material culture, and artistic heritage has evolved significantly. The unearthing of the Gokstad and Oseberg ships in Norway, spanning the period from 1880 to 1905, catapulted the Norse narrative onto the global stage. Simultaneously, the impactful excavation of L'Anse aux Meadows in Canada during the 1960s contributed substantially to the widespread fascination with Vikings in the media.

The continuous evolution of perspectives, adoption of innovative methodologies, and the unearthing of recently discovered sites have further enriched our understanding of Scandinavia's past and the dispersion of Viking influence throughout the Globe. In this context, we invite researchers to submit articles delving into archaeological themes within the following topics:

- The history of Viking Age Archeology: from the pioneers to the most recent research. Its reception, its criticism, and its convergence with historiographical perspectives.

- Viking activities: war; camps; diaspora; settlements; battle equipment and techniques; identity and material culture.

- Art, runestones, iconography, mythology. The study of beliefs, memory, aesthetics, and culture from a material perspective.

- Daily life, cities, farms, food, clothing, technologies, buildings and monuments. Norse life and societies during the Viking Age, within and beyond Scandinavia.

- Theories, methods, and conceptual perspectives of Archeology applied to the Viking Age.

The dossier will be organized by Professor Johnni Langer ( Reviews on the articles received will be provided by members of the Journal's Scientific Council and archaeologists to be contacted by the editor.

Contributions are accepted in English, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese.

Submissions must be sent no later than August 30, 2024, through the website: link

Scandia Journal also accepts articles not dealing with this dossier’s subject matter to be included in the free article section (the deadline is the same). The free article section accepts papers involving any area or field of Norse Studies regarding the Viking Age and Medieval Scandinavia.