Vacancy: PhD Fellowship as part of the research project "Danish-German Cultures (1773-1864): Conflict and Cohesion" (DK)

Published 20 September 2023
Christen Købke painting

The Department of English, Germanic, and Romance Studies at the University of Copenhagen is offering a fully funded 3-year PhD scholarship commencing 1 February 2024 or as soon as possible thereafter. Application deadline: 01-11-2023

“Danish-German Cultures (1773-1864). Conflict and Cohesion” is a cultural history project which investigates the hybrid culture of Danish-German coexistence in the Danish composite state from 1773-1864. The aim of the project is to write a new transcultural history of art, literature, language and human practices.

This project will explore how authors, artists, intellectuals and academics, as well as civil servants and politicians, lived and worked in a zone with two nationalities and the two languages Danish and German in the cosmopolitan state. This will challenge the dominant narrative of ideological battles, mutual exclusions and war, and instead examine the dual conditions of conflict and cohesion before the formation of the Danish nation state in 1864.

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