Online Author Panel: Bringing Scandinavian Children’s Voices into English

Published 19 September 2022
Image displaying the faces of Kim Fupz Aakeson, Aina Basso, Kristina Sigurdsdotter, och Paul Russel Garrett.

Contemporary Scandinavian children’s and young-adult literature is full of stories that combine a playful joy of storytelling with important socio-cultural themes, but how does this translate?

In this three-part event exploring the ins and outs of working with Scandinavian children’s and young-adult literature in translation, authors, publishers, translators and industry insiders discuss their work, and how they go about bringing these books to an English readership.

The panel will be held online, on September 26th at 14.15-18.00. Attendance is free but requires registration.

Read more and register to attend here.