Internationella webbgemenskapen för skandinaviska studier

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The thirty-sixth annual meeting of the Association for the Advancement of Scandinavian Studies in Canada (AASSC) will be held in Toronto at the Ryerson University from Sunday, May 28 – [...]


New publication: "Perspectives on the Nordic"

New book on the Nordic edited by Jakob Lothe and Bente Larsen. Excerpt from the presentation: Starting from the premise that significant aspects of art and aesthetics complicate, and arguably even [...]


Call for papers: Journal of Northern Studies, special issue on language and place in northern spaces

The Journal of Northern Studies is a peer-reviewed academic publication issued twice a year. The journal has a specific focus on human activities in northern spaces, and the articles concentrate on [...]


CSS: Nyheter om konferensen "Rethinking Scandinavia", juni 2017, Lund

Förberedelserna inför CSS:s internationella och flerdisciplinära konferens "Rethinking Scandinavia" i Lund nästa sommar går vidare. På denna hemsida kan du nu ta del av en [...]