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Vacancies: Scandinavian Studies at the University of Oslo, Norway


Oslo University is now announcing the following vacancies for several different positions associated with Scandinavian studies.


The Department of Linguistics and Scandinavian Studies (ILN) at the University of Oslo are announcing vacancies for three Postdoctoral Research Fellowships and four Doctoral Research Fellowships.  

ILN has active research environments in linguistics (including multilingualism), medieval studies (including norse philology and celtic), Nordic literature (including dissemination of literature and Ibsen-studies), Nordic language (including Norwegian as a second language), and rhetoric and communication studies.

To read more and apply follow these links:

 Deadline for all applications is May 4, 2016.


The Department of Literature, Area Studies and European Languages offers two Doctoral Research Fellowships linked to the interdisciplinary research project EURONOR.

The primary aim of EURONOR is to study how the Nordic Region, Norden, is influenced by Europe today, and how Europe is influenced by Norden. It seek to examine the changes Norden and the Nordic Model have gone through in recent decades, and how these changes are perceived elsewhere in Europe. Nordic solutions have come to assume a prominent position in political and cultural debates in many European countries, and a central concern is to analyse the impact this focus on Norden has had on the political and cultural climate in these countries.

The two doctoral fellows who will be employed by the EURONOR project are due to study how Norden and the Nordic Model have been presented and used in political and/or cultural debates in either the United Kingdom/Great Britain or in France. One of the two posts will go to an applicant with a project on Britain, the other to an applicant with a project on France. All applicants must present an outline for their individual project, where they define their research question, identify relevant primary sources, and describe a method which is relevant to the central questions raised by the EURONOR project.

To read more and apply, follow this link:

Deadline for application is April 21, 2016.